Environmental Sustainability

Why It Matters

Conventional groundwater supplies are depleting across the United States, and thus industrial water consumption is facing increasing public scrutiny. Effluent offers an alternative for industrial users who wish to preserve groundwater, use a renewable water resource, and avoid public concern over their water use. And, effluent is available in growing volumes at wastewater treatment centers nationwide. Alpha Reclaim's Virtual Effluent Pipeline (or VEP) is an expanding network of effluent outlet sources located across Texas. In addition to industrial users benefiting from effluent use, communities benefit from joining Alpha's VEP by accessing a previously untapped revenue stream and preserving the availability of surface and groundwater resources for themselves and future generations.

Global water withdrawals have tripled during the past 50 years (UNEP, 2012), and recent droughts have focused attention on the issue of water scarcity. For example, the Water for Texas Texas 2012 State Water Plan reported that Texas has inadequate water supplies during drought conditions to meet current demand. Groundwater is a common water source, however, conventional groundwater supplies are depleting across the country. As this water source diminishes, further strain will be placed on the country’s already stressed water resources. As populations grow and demand for water increases, communities must optimize their water resources.