Mission Statement

The founders of Alpha Reclaim, recognize there is an ever-growing demand for water by commercial industries which presently draw on freshwater supplies for their needs. This demand is contributing to the depletion of our freshwater resources utilized by cities and municipalities to serve the public.

While freshwater is a depleting natural resource, effluent is an ever-growing byproduct resource. For many of these industries, effluent can displace freshwater use.

Alpha's mission is to create a Virtual Effluent Pipeline (“VEP”) by aggregating sources of effluent to the degree that effluent will be perceived as an alternative water source. These industries include, but are not limited to, oil and gas production, thermo electric power generation, construction, agricultural production and mining.

By reclaiming effluent, Alpha will be providing an unrealized revenue source for cities and municipalities, creating new jobs for a new industry and helping industries utilize an untapped resource. Creating this paradigm shift provides a business opportunity on multiple levels, but more importantly, helps preserve a critical resource for future generations.