Alpha Reclaim


Each day, millions of gallons of treated wastewater effluent are discharged from thousands of wastewater treatment plants across the country. In most instances, effluent may be captured and redirected for non-potable uses, but this resource is largely untapped. Small, limited projects have employed the use of reclaimed water, but Alpha is consolidating outlets of reclaimed water into one source: a Virtual Effluent Pipeline (“VEP”). The VEP contains millions of gallons of water per day – making reclaimed water use a feasible reality for various industries.

In 2014, Alpha was acquired by BNN Energy. BNN is a Denver-based company that specializes in water infrastructure and solutions for the oil and gas industry. BNN’s operations provide industry leading cost efficiency and environmental stewardship for their clients. BNN first began working with Alpha in 2012 when it entered an exclusive agreement to design, construct and operate all of Alpha’s reclaimed water facilities. You can learn more about BNN at