Frequently Asked Questions

Information About Using Reclaimed Water

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed Water is municipal effluent—the treated water produced from municipal wastewater treatment plants. Water reuse has historically focused on crop and recreational irrigation. Some industries have made limited use of reclaimed water for applications including power generation and hydraulic fracturing.

For what purposes may I use reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water may be used in virtually any industry in which there is a need for water because it is regulated and treated to state-mandated quality levels. And, while this water is not suitable for drinking, it is suitable for various industrial process water applications such as hydraulic fracturing. See a more comprehensive list of reclaimed water applications here.

Why should I use reclaimed water?

Using reclaimed water guarantees a green, stable water source for users and depresses demand for fresh, potable water supplies. Thus, using reclaimed water offers a number of benefits to both users and the communities in which they operate. See a discussion of the benefits of using reclaimed water here.

How much does it cost?

Reclaimed water is competitively priced as compared to other water sources. Moreover, effluent is a stable, growing resource, and so users accrue cost savings by avoiding the uncertainty associated with other water supplies.

What is the process for using reclaimed water?

Alpha manages the regulatory process and ensures the transmission and distribution facilities along the VEP meet regulatory approval. Once accepted by users, users are responsible for complying with all regulatory requirements, if any, pertaining to the transportation and use of non-potable water.

Who regulates the use of reclaimed water?

Various state agencies authorize and regulate the use of reclaimed water. Alpha works diligently with them to ensure proper authorization for, and compliance of regulations pertaining to, the use of reclaimed water.

Are there concerns associated with using reclaimed water?

Reclaimed water can be transported, stored and used in the same manner as other types of non-potable water. Reclaimed water meets state-mandated quality standards and has been authorized for various uses, including hydraulic fracturing.

How much reclaimed water is available?

Through Alpha’s VEP, Alpha offers millions of gallons of reclaimed water every day across multiple shale plays.

Where is the reclaimed water available?

Currently Alpha operates multiple facilities and is working to expand its network of reclaimed water outlets. Contact Alpha for shale-specific information.

How is the reclaimed water transported?

Alpha works with each user to develop a method of transportation complimentary to each user’s needs. Options for transportation include pipelines (permanent or mobile), trucks, and reservoir storage among other possibilities.

Where can I ask additional questions?

Please submit your additional questions through the Contact Us tab.